Sunday, March 29, 2009


Over the last few decades Pakistan has produced golfers of world from Mehmood “Mithu” Hussain to Shabbir Iqbal, but the unfortunate thing is that only a select few know about them. One of the main reason for this has been the lack of media support given to these mega stars of yesteryears and today. This leads to almost negligible sponsorship to the game of golf which is rather sad. We have had stars who have shown their skills and talent not only is Pakistan but around the world. I would want to mention the name Taimur Hussain who has had the honor of being the only Pakistani to win on the Asian Tour in 1998 and coincidently he beat India’s biggest star Jeev Milkha Singh which in itself is a great accomplishment, and yet taimur has never been given due credit for achieving this feat. 
Ghulam Nabi another legend of Pakistan golf has never been given any credit for his achievements. Ghulam Nabi and one of the biggest stars in the world of golf today, Vijay Singh used to share the same room in Malaysia when they were both starting their careers but now we see where Vijay Singh has reached. The main reason why sponsors do not come forward  and hold golf events in Pakistan is that whenever they are willing to sponsor golf events, the money that they give is not properly utilized and more than half of it goes into the pockets of the management. 
Shabbir Iqbal is currently the top ranked professional golfer of Pakistan. A self taught golfer, this young man has demonstrated immense talent in the national golf circuit of Pakistan. His golfing ability to focus on his game and even during the moments of nerve shattering heightened pressure; he remains cool, playing like a champion. 
Over the past two years he has won every title in Pakistan times over. The need of he hour now is that the national organization supports him and so does some devoted sponsors so that he can play overseas and spell his magic in the international golf circuit. 
In Pakistan we are short of golf courses and the game does not get adequate backing from the powers. Interestingly our leading golfers are as big heroes as any cricketers, yet remain virtually unknown because of the inadequate media coverage. 


  1. hi
    i live in UK and i tried to contact Pak Golf Fedration sevral times with regards to my son Aadam Syed aged 8 years. he has won first Power play golf tournment , the tournment was played at the Belfry GC Ryder cup venue. my son not only the Junior championship he was second amongest the men.
    recently he is representing Middlesex county golf team (under 14 years of age). he plays county matches off scratch handicap, he is the youngest person to reresent a golf county team.
    i was happy to play my son under pakistan name but unfortunatly pakistan golf fedration showed no interest,
    i disagrre with your conclusion of players not getting media coverage or sponsorships. it the the system who do not allow these indiviuals to come forward. pakistan golf structure is based on pleasing high ranked official, who are not interested in promoting golf.

    people who are in golf circle are known of the talent available in pakistan however the golf fedration in pakistan is not aware of the talent they have.
    i am working as senior manager, and i am a
    civil servant, i am also involve in junior golf organisation on club level and on county level.
    i am not critical but a furustrated pakistani who wants to represents his own country.
    i hope my comments will be taken onboard rather than my email which i have sent it to Mr Tamour who did not had any decency to give reply to mail.
    syed hussain