Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can History Repeat Itself!!!

Wow.. Tiger really is amazing.. The King himself said "He's rusty" but still close to wining it again like last year. Paired with O'Hair in the final group same as the previous year, History can really repeat itself. If Tiger somehow manages to win it this year again, it'll be the 6th Bayhill Invitational Championship adding up to his resume. Tiger quoted, "I played decent today." 
Here's a highlight for you all - He chipped in 3 times!!! The guy was amazing as always on his short game, chipping it in 3 times!!! for birdies. He later said after finishing the day, "i'm getting my feel back." Watch out folks!!!
Tiger Woods is at 208, 2-under par, but off by quite some strokes from O'Hair. But its Sunday Tomorrow and anything can happen on sunday with these difficult conditions. What are your thoughts on this people?

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