Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A few amongst our emerging talents of Pakistan have shown a promise to strike it really big on the golfing scene – even make it as bonafide golfing superstars in not too distant future. Aadil Jehangir, Wazir Ali, Aleem Ur Rahman and Hamza Amin are the four of the youngsters who have performed exceptionally well on the golfing circuits of not only Pakistan but all around the world.
Aadil Jehangir who is pursuing his higher education at the Lahore School of Economics from Pakistan has the potential and talent to make it big on the world of golfing scene. Aadil who is also been ranked as the best amateur golfer of Pakistan in recent times says that he really struggles with golf and studies at the same time. “A professional golfing career and professional higher education don’t mix together. We have no concept of college golf in Pakistan which is a sad thing.”
Wazir Ali, Aleem Rahman and Hamza Amin are all studying abroad at universities in the United States and Austria and making waves at the college golf by securing positions of distinction as members of University golf teams. Aadil who has been a part of the National Golf Team of Pakistan several times and even now needs a special mention here as he has been a force to recon with and an asset to the Pakistan Squad. Credit for his success mainly goes to the hard work that he has done on the driving range and his will to perform and achieve the centre stage whenever he enters the golf course.
Hamza who is a great friend and workaholic has done tremendously well in his career. Personally I have never met a person that bold and determined towards his goals. On the course he’s an enemy and off it, the best buddy. Though he can’t play golf the whole year long in Austria due to the cold weather but he travels to the country to play on the regular tour of Pakistan. A highlight of his career is that he has won honors as the national junior champion of the country and in recent times represented the Pakistan National Squad in the World Amateur in Adelaide, Australia.
Hamza, Wazir and Aleem though who are not as experienced as Aadil have also made their presence felt and have already achieved a lot in their still early careers. Being the member of the Pakistan National Team myself I have had the honor of representing the country with these great players of the future.
The world is becoming far more competitive each passing day while individual talent and the hard work is the key to success; institutional support is ultimately what paves the way for the international laurels. Individual effort has produced some internationally acclaimed superstars from Pakistan, squash being one of the examples. But lack of an organized skill development ultimately has affected this and other sports where Pakistan could create a name. Pakistan Golf Federation and the Provincial Golf Associations do exist but they have little or no resources to support dedicated programs for individual talents. These organizations can do good like become sort of nurseries for the future hopes but it would take more than just their presence to expect results.
Very few amongst the educated in Pakistan, think of golf as a profession. I am aspiring to be one but is there an encouragement at any level. Universities/Colleges abroad recognize students who are talented in sports not only through scholarships programs but an element of academic concessions. Is there a case for such recognition amongst our intuitions?
If given all this, who knows the next TIGER might come out of the four of these…

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